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And I was disappointed that there wasnt just a solid, firm yes from the minister that they would work on those kinds of programs.. Whitehorse Daily Star: Day of Mourning ceremony set for Friday Day of Mourning ceremony set for Friday Yukoners are invited to return to the Workers Memorial in Shipyards Park on Friday to commemorate the Day of Mourning in person for the first time since 2019. So theres the increase in the child tax benefit. White also had questions about Health and Social Services Minister Tracy-Anne McPhees claims regarding a safe supply of drugs in the territory. We have found issues of commonality and things that we can agree on that were included in the CASA. And its really unfortunate because the Make Work Safe committee came forward with really strong She was sired by Sir Maugray and out of the mare Crain's Merry Lady. Nishikawa, 39, had been coaching with the national ski Easy access to obituaries, local news, front pages and more. Search archives Those were all items that were largely driven by the Confidence and Supply Agreement (CASA). Her death was front-page news across the United States.[2]. We dont have confidence in this premier and quite frankly, we dont think that Yukoners do either. [3], The Star's official motto, "Illegitimus non Carborundum", is a Dog Latin aphorism meaning "You mustn't let the bastards grind you down". Weve heard that the red tape that is bogging them down, making them spend way too much time filling out paperwork and not enough time seeing patients, and what that translates into is longer wait times and poor service for Yukon patients.. She was dark in color and had an odd appearance as a foal, which led her owners to name her Strange Gal. Family and friends may pay their respects on Friday, April 1, 2022 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Hamilton Brenna-Cellini Funeral Home, 2365 Whitehorse Please add comments judiciously and refrain from maligning any individual or institution. In 1982, the paper changed to publishing three times a week. Probably not, but there's more to the story. Its a lack of consultation or lack of engagement with the business. White cited the new paid sick leave program as an example. Dixon also cited the cost of renting a rising number of diesel generators as a continuing concern. WebObituaries. Her grandsires were Wilson's Allen and Merry Boy. If you don't already have an account, it's free to create one. Subscribe to the Star online for $15/month View all stories from every section, download special supplements, get the full digital edition and search the Star's complete online archives Subscribe $15/mo. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur elit sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt. Search. Dixon also pointed to what he calls a lack of support for the health care system. PRODUCTS And so there is power in the position were in. Those who are most impacted by it., On the positive side, Dixon said, it was a really positive development that my colleague Geraldine Van Bibber brought forward a motion, urging the Government of Yukon to better celebrate the 125th birthday of the Yukon Territory.. Please add comments judiciously and refrain from maligning any individual or institution. Obituaries; Celebrations of Life; Funeral Care Services; In Memory; Place an Obituary; Marketplace. Dixon was asked why his party voted against the budget when it contains so many good things for Yukoners. All rights reserved. Your name and email address are required before your comment is posted. Flo Whyard, who has served as the Mayor of Whitehorse, is among the newspaper's former editors. ^ "Whitehorse Star marks 120 years in print, not an issue missed". Retrieved 13 February 2022. Maxine was predeceased by her We havent seen a proper accounting for the cost of all the diesel generators that have been rented by this government. The Liberal party promised 1,000 new lots to be released within this mandate. Arizona Silver Belt - Online Newspaper Issues the Yukon Party will focus on going forward include the governments energy strategy. Reporters met with White following the final question period and asked her what her party accomplished this sitting. Web(928) 425-7121. White Star (1949 1961) was a Tennessee Walking Horse mare who won her breed's World Grand Championship in 1954. SERVICES And its also really unacceptable because I was sharing the stories that I was asked to share by the people who were affected by them. Ridden by Moss, who was only 23 years old at the time, she won the World Grand Championship in the 1954 Celebration. Challenging the hill The Yukon Yamaha Uphill Challenge took place last weekend at Mount Sima. Were now about at the halfway part of the mandate, and not only are they not meeting that target, they cant even tell us how many lots theyve released, he said. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. I still remain extremely concerned about the state of our electricity system, Dixon said. CONTACT, Heritage North Funeral Home | All Rights Reserved | Website by Aroma Web Design. It is. OBITUARIES By Morris Prokop on April 28, 2023 Whitehorse Daily Star: Surgeons sound alarm about wait times Photo by Whitehorse Star Health and Social Services Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee and Yukon Party MLA Brad Cathers Surgeons sound alarm about wait times Two Whitehorse surgeons are calling attention to longer wait times for joint replacements. The Whitehorse Star is one of two newspapers in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Whitehorse Star was founded in 1900 and progressed from a weekly to twice-weekly, three-times weekly during the 1960s, to five times per week briefly around 1980-1983. It has been published five times per week since about 1986. By Morris Prokop on April 25, And so we dont think the government is taking our health care of Yukoners seriously enough and the cracks in our system are starting to show.. And so we think that this government is one that is is getting long in the tooth, is running out of ideas, running out of steam.. Dixon also said the government is struggling to get lots out on the market. Its yes and no, she replied. Dixon also said the new paid sick leave program is another example of the Yukon government not engaging in consultation before rolling out a policy. For Opposition Leader Currie Dixon, the legislatures spring sitting was more of the same ol, same ol. In 1952 she competed in the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration for the first time and placed 5th in her age division. A lot of the questions that we bring forward and the issues we champion, sometimes it doesnt equate to immediate change. Maricopa County The truth of the matter is, its a working relationship, and there are commitments that Ive made, and if I ever get to the point where I [3] Following her World Grand Championship, White Star was exhibited at "every large horse show" in the United States. decide that Im prepared to sever that relationship, it wont be because someone has called me up on the phone with a suggestion of why I should do it. WebObituaries Maxine Van Wyk Maxine Van Wyk of Whitehorse passed away peacefully in the early morning hours of April 22, 2023, at the age of 85. ABOUT Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, "Tennessee Walking horse - WHITE STAR #491920 home page by Walkers West", "Biography of the Tennessee walking horse",, World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 27 September 2022, at 23:25. But we were surprised to find so many more examples of the government just getting in the way of business, Dixon said. This sitting, the Yukon NDP, we worked really hard at bringing peoples actual lived experiences forward, she said. The governments admitted that the current plan they have is not going to meet their projected forecast for demand of power.. 2023 Whitehorse Star Limited. Theres just a lot of holes in it. The governments energy strategy, as weve described, is one that is absolutely failing. We just heard over and over again from a variety of different primary care providers that the morale amongst primary care providers has never been lower. We saw the same direction taken by this Im really frustrated with the Department of Education, and Im really frustrated because when I shared real-life stories of victims of sexual assault, I got told by the minister (Jeanie McLean) that I was shaming victims, and that is totally unacceptable. Shes also looking forward to the select committee that will create the terms and reference for a planned citizens assembly to examine potential electoral reforms. Subscribe to the Star online for $15/month View all stories from every section, download special supplements, get the full digital edition and search the Star's complete online archives Subscribe $15/mo. Phoenix, Arizona 85020. WebBrowse Arizona Daily Star obituaries, conduct other obituary searches, offer condolences/tributes, send flowers or create an online memorial. for full online access. White Star died on December 29, 1961. The reason were not in a coalition is that we can speak against government programs or things that we dont want, and we do.. She will be appointing herself to that committee. NDP Leader Kate White was celebrating her wins while regretting some political losses as the sitting ended Thursday. And sexualized violence being a key one. Yukon Party or those rare occasions when the three of us come together in agreement, White said. Flo Whyard, who has served as the Mayor of Whitehorse, is among the newspaper's former editors. Dixon said a few main themes dominated what his party talked about. WebRead the obituary of Anita Charrise Whitesell (1964 - 2022) from Mount Joy, PA. Leave your condolences to the family on this memorial page. It really is. government. WebThe Whitehorse Star is one of two newspapers in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Weve asked the minister of Community Services (Richard Mostyn), probably half a dozen times, how many lots theyve released since the 2021 election. I dont think the government ever takes for granted that we agree because we often dont agree. And thats disappointing because housing is one of the biggest issues that faces Yukoners today. White had an interesting answer regarding how the two parties differentiate when it was suggested that since they voted in favour of WebHeritage North Funeral Home has been a family owned and operated full-service funeral provider in Whitehorse since 1993. What we saw was very much more of the same. But I think if we look back at what this budget is and the things that have been accomplished, a lot of really impressive things have come out of the Confidence and Supply Agreement (CASA), the NDP leader said. This article about a Canadian newspaper is a stub. Latest Obituaries Donna BRAY Obituary Herbert Display Advertising; Impress branded content; Contact Us. One was just the new and innovative ways that the government is finding to throw red tape on to private business. It is presently an afternoon newspaper, usually available after 3 p.m.; its cover price is $1.00. Theres always going to be more work that could be done, but Im happy with what we accomplished., As for what she wasnt able to achieve, White said, I would have loved to have a vote yesterday on the asset cap thats been put in place for seniors (in Yukon Housing Corp. accommodations). WebObituaries | Whitecourt Star Whitecourt, AB Change City A place for remembering loved ones. for full online access. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. We believe it is important that our staff care for all All rights reserved. Hes never been able to answer. She was asked if shes ready to admit her three-MLA party really does have power in the House. Weve heard from doctors that are owed money or have unpaid bills from the government. Whitehorse native Graham Nishikawa has been named the new Cross Country Yukon (CCY) head coach and sport coordinator. So theres lots of things Im proud about.. Search Whitehorse obituaries and condolences, hosted by Because Im not muzzled by what the Liberals tell me that I should or shouldnt say, and so if theyre going to put words in my mouth, I would suggest that is a risk theyre going to take.. PLANNING I believe that there needs to be policies within the Department of Education that deal specifically with student-on-student violence. (717) 653-5441; Call Us (717) 653 [2] The paper returned to publishing five times a week in 1985 until 2019. There was a motion that passed that was in support of a downtown elementary school; thats really important. The Arizona Coyotes have touted their $2.1 billion project proposal in Tempe as an opportunity to "transform a landfill into a Weve heard particularly from doctors that feel that this government has been just completely out of touch with the needs of our medical system, Dixon said. When founded in 1900 it appeared only once a week, and its progress to Monday through A vote on the budget is an expression of confidence in the government, and for the reasons I laid out in the response to (Pillais) ministerial statement (Thursday), we dont have confidence in this government, he said. Their support Obituary Information. We were surprised by the ways that this government is becoming an obstacle to business rather than a help to business.. Moss moved to Bastrop from Arkansas so he could continue training her. the Liberal budget, it could be said they voted to give money to the RCMP for substance use emergencies. When you look at the policy changes in the Department of EMR (Energy, Mines and Resources) that have impacted the housing market, affecting contractors. Web1625 E Northern Ave Ste 106. As a territory, weve just had so much loss in the last few months that its crippling for people, White said. Theres an increase to social assistance rates, evictions without cause are now in, and that list goes on. Otherwise, your comment will not be posted. Photo by Whitehorse Star NDP MLA Lane Tredger NDP MLA highly critical of planned program The territorys planned new sick leave program is disappointing, poorly thought-out and loaded with flaws and loopholes, NDP MLA Lane Tredger told the legislature Tuesday. Search archives Theres going to come a reckoning eventually, and those costs are going to have to be reflected in the future on our power bills. World Newspapers US Newspapers UK And therell be other things as work progresses where there is a lot of alignment with the Liberals, or there may be alignment with the. The Whitehorse Star is one of two newspapers in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. And by her insinuation that I was bringing shame is that she told them that they should be ashamed of what had happened to them, and I disagree. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Whitehorse Star marks 120 years in print, not an issue missed", "Whitehorse Star cuts print days in anticipation of carbon tax", "Whitehorse Daily Star won't print daily anymore",, Articles needing additional references from February 2022, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 23 June 2022, at 17:50. We understand how difficult and painful this is for his family, the community of believers, and Unfortunately, we dont think we saw that. [1] As she grew she proved to be a gray, and faded in color fairly quickly; by 1954 her haircoat was pure white in color. And so learning from people as they access that program particularly, and what it means for them, has been really incredible., As for whats next, White said, Im looking forward to a summer of visiting communities and getting out and talking to people because thats really where we get a lot of information or ideas from..

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