In-Person Visits, Live Zoom calls or Custom-Made Video messages, especially for your creche.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer to your children, assistants and parents.

Our Santa has been hired by

Every year, meeting Santa Claus brings happiness to the hearts of children throughout the country

Very warm Christmas greetings to all the owners, staff and children throughout all the creches in Ireland!

Santa is delighted to say that he has been very impressed with the wonderful children and the hard work of the fantastic staff in the creches throughout Ireland. He has a very long list of good boys and girls. was set up by Santa and his team in the North Pole so you can bring the magic of Santa and Christmas to your creche either in-person or virtually. Santa can drop in and say hello in person or you can have him dial in live by video link or if you prefer he can record a unique personalised Christmas video message for your children and staff.

Have a peek below for more information and to choose the greeting that suits you best!

Spoil the kids in your creche with a magical experience with Santa this Christmas

Santa In The House provides a range of experiences with the Real Santa to suit your chreche’s needs:

In-Person Visit From Santa For The Whole Creche

Perfect for smaller creches! Get the kids together and get them ready to meet the Real Santa - live and with personalised information to make it feel special.

In-Person Visit From Santa For Each Room

Ideal for creches with multiple rooms. Santa can greet each room separately and praise the children for their fantastic achievements during the year as well as thank the wonderful staff.

Live Zoom With Santa or WhatsApp Recorded Video For Each Room

If you have several rooms you can book one or more live zoom calls or pre-recorded videos with personalised information and plenty of time to make it special for each child.

Live Zoom With Santa or WhatsApp Recorded Video For The Whole Creche

Santa can mention special kids, the Creche staff, people to thank, the fantastic achievements your creche accomplished during the year and more!

Santa puts lots of effort in to make sure each live Zoom call or recorded video message is unique, personalised to the creche or age group and that it truly brings to joy to your kids. Our Christmas calls and videos are full of belly laughs and ho-ho-hos, making them a wonderful and authentic experience, not to be missed.


In-Person Visit From Santa

From € 300 up to 5 classes
  • €40 per additional class
  • Great for the whole Creche
  • In-person experience
  • Price break down in FAQs
Most Popular

Santa Live Zoom or Recorded WhatsApp Video

49 €19 for additional calls
  • Personalised information
  • Great for each age group
  • Great for the whole Creche
  • Live interactive call or recorded video

1. Order

Choose from a live Zoom call with Santa or a recorded video message and the quantity you’d like.

2. Check your email

Mrs. Claus will be in touch to collect the personalised information to make the call or video extra special.

3. Spread the Joy

The Zoom link(s) or video(s) will be emailed to you when ready, to share with your pupils, classes or the whole school.

Want to chat before you order? Enquire now.

Frequently asked questions

Santa always wants to make your children feel extra special with a proper Christmas experience. When you submit your enquiry, we’ll be in touch to discuss what you’d like to include in Santa’s in-person address – for example:

  • Special mentions about children, staff, parents or groups
  • Achievements by the creche or individuals
  • Christmas messages, thank yous or school mottos
  • And more! Just chat with us.

The length of Santa’s visit is determined by the size of your creche and how many classes (if any) he will individually visit. After you submit your enquiry, we’ll discuss your creche’s individual needs.

With Santa’s sleigh in the garage for repairs before Christmas Santa has to borrow Mrs Claus Nissan Micra to travel around to visit creches.

The pricing below is based on the Dublin and Cork areas but there is potential for him to travel to other locations but there would be a travel fee.

Individual Class Price Breakdown:

  • €300 per creche and this covers up to 5 classes
  • €40 per additional class

Santa is now a pro when it comes to Zoom. By becoming tech-savvy he no has the ability to say hello to student up and down the country at the click of a mouse.

To book a Zoom call all you have to do is choose how many call slots you want and submit your order.

Once order we’ll be in touch to collect some information about your creche to personalise the call and also to arrange the times.

Santa does not mind how many pupils and staff join the call. We’ll chat with you after you order (or submit an enquiry) to confirm class sizes and talk about how the call will work in your cirucmstances.

There are 1 or 2 naughty elves that sometimes like to play practical jokes on Santa. Santa, Mrs. Claus and the good elves work extremely hard to ensure there are no technical issues but, if there are any, we will do everything we can to sort it out on the spot. Otherwise, we will do our best to facilitate another call with Santa.

Santa is keen to make your creche’s video(s) as personal as he can! When you submit your order, we’ll be in touch to discuss what you’d like to include – for example:

  • Special mentions to staff, children, parents or groups
  • Relevant news and developments for the creche
  • Christmas messages, thank yous

Two easy payment options are currently available:

  • Secure online card payments
    Choose the quantity you would like, proceed to checkout and pay through our secure gateway using your credit or debit card.
  • Invoice payment
    Submit your order with no upfront payment and we’ll email you an invoice so you can pay by bank transfer.

We aim to have your video(s) to you within approx. 2 weeks.

However, as we get closer to Christmas, orders can get a little busy so please bear with us. If you have any questions about you order, please email

Santa is down with the kids these days and has a smartphone with Whatsapp installed. Due to the volume of requests for Whatsapp videos that is now how Santa records and sends the videos to creches.

You can, of course, share these videos if you like or download them to upload to your website, include them in a newsletter or posted them on your social media.

Please enter your details and one of Santa’s elves will email you the your chosen resource as soon as they can.